Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Races: A Primer

The people of Wune are divded into three categories: The First, Second and Third Races.

The First Races are were created when the gods first attempted to populate the world. They count ogres, harpies, dragons and all manner of savage humanoids and magical creatures among their numbers, but also the Shuu- more commonly known as True Elves- who insist that they existed on Wune long before the gods ever walked upon it.

The Second Races comprise the bulk of the player character races, and are generally seen as those who were most favored by the gods. They include Halflings, Dwarves and Humans, although the race of Gnomes was eradicated by the dragons in the aftermath of the Divine War.

The Third Races are those born of intermingling between the First and Second Races(or non-homogenous couplings within either), as well as strange beings new to the land. Distrusted by their predecessors, they nonetheless have strange abilities that their forebearers must respect. Half-Dragons, Half-Elves, and Half-Orcs are the most populous of the Third Races, but they also include the despised Common Elves and the enigmatic Doppelgangers.

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